Community and Family Health Care with Interprofessional Education (CFHC-IPE) is a program involving undergraduate students at the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health, Universitas Gadjah Mada, including medical education, nursing and health nutrition study programs. CFHC-IPE has the following logo and meaning :


Lima Songkok dan Ujung Tombak is the outermost part of the UGM logo. This section represents the UGM element in the CFHC-IPE logo, which means that UGM is the University’s identity for the CFHC-IPE program.


These three pairs of curved and circular hands symbolize the meaning of collaboration between three study programs that work together in the CFHC-IPE program. The curve in the hand forms a heart which means that this program provides care and affection to the community.


The three heads are a reflection of the three health professions involved from the Medicine, Nursing and Health Nutrition Study Programs. Even though the professions are different, they all require the same soft skills competencies to be studied in this program, including; values, ethics, responsibility, communication, team collaboration, etc.


When viewed from another side, the new CFHC-IPE logo looks like a flower. Flowers convey the meaning of usefulness and goodness, so it is hoped that the CFHC-IPE program can make FK-KMK UGM proud and bring goodness and benefit to the community.